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Marshallers in Prague - PRG

ANS: Air Navigation Institute of Czech Republic is a public corporation established in 1995. Following instructions from the Ministry of Transportation CR, ANS provides public services and air traffic aviation in the Czech Republic, besides managing the Prague airport Ruzyne, Brno Turany, Ostrava Mosnov and Karlovy Vary airports. The corporation Prague Airport (Letiště Praha) was founded in February 2008, after the transformation of privatization of state-owned Správa Letiště Praha, s. p. Since 2011, its sole shareholder is the corporation Český Aeroholding.

Czechoslovakia was a pioneer in civil aviation in Europe and began operations in 1919, until in 1937 was inaugurated the State Civil Ruzyně Airport, which in 2012 was renamed Vaclav Havel in Prague Airport, named after the first president after the Velvet Revolution: Vaclav Havel, who took over as president of Czechoslovakia and then the Czech Republic and died in 2011.

Prague Airport is busiest in the Czech Republic and in Central and Eastern Europe.

The airport is divided into 2 North Terminals (most common: No Schengen and intercontinental) and 2 South Terminals (for special and private aviation flights), where nearly 15,000 employees (2000 Prague Airport Company) serving near 12 million passengers each year.
The airport has two runways in service.

Prague Airport is working with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, the Civil Aviation Authority, the air traffic control in the Czech Republic, airlines, public authorities, etc.

ANS of CR as the resposible for approach and aerodrom services at Prague, also responsible for Surface movement controllers department.

Providing surface movement control is the  responsibility of Air navigations services of the Czech republic, so the marshallers are contracted by an air navigation services provider.

To be a marshaller you must have:

  • Intermediate English knowledge
  • Driving licence
  • No criminal past
  • Pass the special training and exam

The special training takes about 6 months. And last but not least, you have to be lucky, because there are only 12 marshallers at Prague and they leave the unit only in case of retairement.

The shifts: usually there are 3 marshalles on day shift and 2 on night shift. Length of shift is 10-12 hour.

Functions: basic function is to provide surface movement control on manouvrig area:

  • Guidance of arrivals on stands without docking
  • Guidance of arrivasl in case of docking failure
  • Guidance of all arrivals during Low visibility procedures (guidance of departures on request)
  • Guidance of aicraft along working areas
  • Any assistance which is needed or requested from crew or tower

These other functions are made by Airport Staff:
  • Measuring the RWY conditions
  • Runways inspections (responsible for cleanliness of the RWY and the remove any object or FOD).

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