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Airport Superintendent of Operations in Los Angeles - LAX

The Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is the main airport in California in the United States (5th airport in the world), with over 60 million passengers a year, and it is said that is the airport with the highest number of direct flights (without  stops) than any other airport in the world from its 4 runways. It has 8 Terminal buildings and the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TITB).

The airport is managed by LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports), a department of the City of Los Angeles, which is governed by a Board composed of some public companies, with approximately 3,500 employees that make possible operations that make LAWA airports:

- Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
- LA / Ontario International Airport (ONT)
- General aviation Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

At the airport in Los Angeles (LAX), the role of the Marshaller we could say that is shared between operators handling agents / airlines and LAWA workers, called Airport Superintendents of Operations (ASO), in addition to the functions which in Spain call Marshallers, they assume many others.

As in many other parts of the world, airlines / handlings agents are responsible for the instructions on the stand of the aircraft (marshalling), while the Airport Superintendents of Operations (ASO) are assigned to the Operations Division LAX Airport . Their job functions include:
  • The inspection of airport facilities, including:
    • Movement area: Tracks, taxiways, aprons, etc.
    • Terminal building,
    • Cargo terminal facilities,
    • Parking of aircrafts and vehicles on the air side,
    • Inspection of runways and taxiways (including lightin)
    • Inspection aprons, hangars, gates, fences, lighting, signs, signals,
  • Emergency Plan: responds to airport emergencies: incidents and accidents,
  • Escorts crews to/from the terminal to/from  the plane,
  • Guide vehicles that have not radio, 
  • Enforces traffic regulations on platform,
  • Assigns media or terminal facilities,
  • Collects parking fees, aircraft landing, etc.
  • Escorts works on the air side,
  • Remove foreign objects (FOD),
  • Wildlife control to mitigate contact with aircrafts,
  • Enforces operating rules, safety regulations and procedures related to landing, taxiing, parking, maintenance, loading and unloading of aircrafts, vehicle traffic at the aerodrome,
  • Monitors compliance with the noise management procedures,
  • Measurements with the vehicle or runway friction equipment for braking action especially when there are adverse conditions,
  • Monitors against fuel spills and provide support for rescue and fire fighting in airplanes,
  • Coordinates airfield activities of Maintenance, Engineering and Police personnel from the airport with Air Traffic Control Tower
  • Responds to Federal Aviation Administration and Traffic Control Tower protection of instrument landing systems (ILS) critical area,
  • Monitors and approves aircraft engine run-ups, monitoring the aircraft movement area to ensure ground support equipment and personnel are clear of jet blast.
  • Cleans and refuels assigned Los Angeles World Airports vehicles, including terminals and even outside the airport operations area.
It also has other features on the land side as:
    • Inspects of the Terminal buildings, parking lots and structures looking for abnormalities as broken signs, broken glass, trash and abandoned vehicles,
    • Observes and reports passenger processing in Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening areas and/or Federal Inspection Service (FIS),
    • Monitors and directs the daily operations of gates, automatic guides, baggage carousels, and systems flight information display systems (FIDS).

The requirements for one of these positions are:
  • Two years of full time paid experience working in: the aircraft ground operations, airline ramp activities, monitoring activities of the airport, or in a control tower, or operating vehicular equipment in a commercial or military airport, or
  • A bachelor's degree from a recognized university (four years) with an specialization in aviation or transportation management.
  • Driving license: a valid California driver’s license.

Knowledge (among others):
    • Department of Homeland Security procedures and the regulations relating to the operations of an airport,
    • Terminology used in airport operations,
    • The use of English and grammar,
    • The principles and procedures for the operation of a large airport,
    • Federal rules and regulations concerning ground traffic control of aircrafts,
    • Principles of airport security,
    • Terminology related to weather conditions,
    • Safety and emergency procedures,
    • Airport ground transportation procedures,
    • Function and operation of lighting systems throughout the airport
    • The laws and regulations governing equal employment opportunity.

The examination for Airport Superintendents of Operations will consist of:
  • Qualifying written test. The following competencies may be evaluated:
      • Job knowledge
      • Judgment and decision making, safety focus
      • Customer service
      • Reading comprehension
  • Advisory essay.
  • Interview.

As workers of the City of Los Angeles, it offers a benefits package that includes:
  • Retirement: contribution to the tax deferred, paid through payroll deductions.
  • Health and Dental Plans: A flexible benefit program, the City pays 100% of the employee. Family members can be included at little or no additional cost.
  • Sick leave: After a year of service, employees receive 96 hours of sick leave paid at 100% of salary and 40 hours of sick leave at 75% of salary at the beginning of each calendar year.
  • Life Insurance / Disability Insurance: coverage expandable and also to family members.

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